The Cayman Financial Services industry plays an important and active role in the local community.

Cayman’s financial services industry provides over $1.8 million per year towards scholarships, internships and training for talented, hardworking Caymanians. It gives more than 2.2 million per year to charities in our community.

Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Program

Looking to develop young talent and investing in the next generation of financial services professionals in Cayman, Cayman Finance and its members, along with government, teamed up to create a pathway for high performing students towards a career in the financial sector.

Now in its fourth year, the Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands and the Ministry of Financial Services and Home Affairs.

In its pilot year, the programme was available exclusively for Year 12 students in the government dual-enrollment programme in Grand Cayman. Due to its tremendous success, the programme was expanded to include Caymanian students in private schools as well as students from Cayman Brac.

Last year, 62 students completed the workshop and mentor components, with all students accepting work experience placements at 27 different organisations. There were a total of 66 mentors trained from 17 different organisations and 28 individual organisations participated in total.

The 14-week programme educates the participants on the local financial services industry, builds relationships with key stakeholders and provides important pathways to future career opportunities. The programme consists of three main components: facilitated workshops, mentorships and work experiences.

Cayman Finance member firm representatives are trained to conduct in-classroom workshops on a variety of topics including a financial services overview, industry sectors and career skills. Coinciding with the workshops, each student is paired with a mentor, whom they meet with weekly to learn about the industry as well important soft skills in the workplace. Mentors in the programme consist of senior management and partners from various Cayman Finance member organisations.

After students complete an application and interview process with multiple organisations, they are given a 4 week opportunity to work within a Cayman Finance member firm to gain knowledge of the industry, resulting in job-ready and engaged young professionals.

The Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme’s vision is to educate and provide pathways for students within the Cayman Islands financial services industry, and for them to become responsible, confident, motivated learners, who are capable of succeeding in a globally competitive world.