The Cayman Islands is fortunate to have a financial services industry that contributes in excess of US$1.5 billion into the Cayman Islands’ economy each year, over 50% of total GDP. Cayman’s financial services industry delivers 50% of the government’s budget each year, in excess of $300 million. This represents the largest net contribution to the Cayman Islands Government’s treasury by any industry, by far.

Our sector employs over 7,000 people, and 4,000 Caymanians. Cayman’s financial services industry is a prominent purchaser of services from large, medium and small businesses in other industries in the Cayman economy.

With this revenue government is able to build schools and provide scholarships for children, support civil service pension benefits, provide emergency services – fire brigade and ambulances, collect household garbage, manage solid waste and bring much needed relief to the less fortunate among us through social services and public health programs. It funds Statutory Authorities and Government Companies that deliver critical services, regulate important industries, or promote various aspects of our culture, and It also funds important infrastructure like roads, airports, ports, sports complexes and fields.